Serpent de mer: Cute Cube Your Blog

Cute Cube Your Blog

There are some funny cute staff that you can use in blog.


This is came from Japan website. And it so easy to used even you didn't know a single Japanese word.

Uptoday there got 6 3D flash models :


img_cubox_3-thumb img_cubox_4-thumb img_cubox_5-thumb img_cubox_6-thumb img_cubox_7-thumb

Fiest every kind of model has two programs A & B. You can only choose one program A to copy in your blog's templet,and rest take B programs. Combined the different models you can create a unique story in your blog. And it is a 3D flash animation! The cute role design will make your blog shiny,push away boring & let your reader fixed eyes on your site.

There is a sample I made the order is (A4-B3-B1) You can try and put on your sidebar.Want some go get some.

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