Serpent de mer: Ghost From Szechwan

Ghost From Szechwan

Recently I readed a post talked about the number "8" is  connected to all disasters in China. Like this year is 2008 there's a "8". The sadest disaster Szechwan earthquake happened in 12th May--12/5--1+2+5=8. And there are more about the "foretell" 8 in the post.

This is not my first time to read such report after the Earthquake. In the begining I just thought it was a funny report and some kind of an urban legend at all. But when I read it again I found there were something wrong in it. So I wrote a comment to it. And for some unknown reason it didn't be posted at all.

There's my comment: Let's ask what had been done after the Earthquake,

                                Let's ask what had been done befor the Peace Olympic .

                                Only the unblushing government will peddle it as a foretell for excuse.

Am I thinks too much? Or it's a real old dog trick?


  1. There could definitely be something to it. I've always believed there is more than we can see and forces trying to signal us. Some call it God, some Satan, others karma, and others luck. But its there with us all.

  2. I do believe the existence of spirit too. I would believe too that that was foretell but not coincidence. Hope they RIP.

  3. Hi,

    No idea about `8'

    That's life.

    Keep it up...

  4. You said we are in 2008
    and you said May 12th, 2008.
    5 + 1 + 2 = 8
    How about 2008
    5 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 8 = 18 > 1 + 8 = 9

    Therefore, nothing related to 8

  5. We are surrounded with many force that we cant see with our normal eye. Many people will use this force to help them success in thing they do. Feng shui is ones of the force..

  6. Darwin never warned against crossing black cats, walking under ladders or stepping on cracks in the pavement, but his theory of natural selection explains why people believe in such nonsense.

    The tendency to falsely link cause to effect – a superstition – is occasionally beneficial, says Kevin Foster, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University.

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